Don't worry about me,
I'll be the wallflower
in your font library.

I'm cool, detached, middle-of-the-road.

I have excellent legibility, over 25 million readers served agree!

I'll relay your message without any threat of charisma.

You hardly ever notice me,
I’m everywhere.

You know how great it is when the birthday cake comes out and everyone is singing? I'm the paper plate in the room.

I'll leave your tone untouched, with little more than a nod.

I'm just the bystander here, don't mind me!

I'll take anything you write
and wrap it in a nice,
neutral corporate tone.

Wow, isn't that great?

I'm all good, positive,
open and neutral.
Don't worry about me!

Write anything you want
and I can wrap it in a
calm demeanor.

I'm the "thank you" at the bottom of receipts.

My personality is on mute.

I'm completely undecided
and unknowing of any offense.

Don't ask me to take on
too much style,
I try to stay neutral
where I can.

I'm the corportate vessel, the dull, empty smile in the hallway.

I've a neutral, yet friendly appearance.

897 glyphs of upright stress and open forms.

Thanks for reading,
I’m open sans.