Can you hear me now? Sorry, that was a joke. I am a little nervous. When you are ready, press the VoiceOver key with the right arrow key to continue.

This is Voiceover, a screenreader technology that comes preloaded on your MacBook. Screenreaders translates on-screen information into speech and are a vital part of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Continue navigating to learn more.

Why design for accessibility? We often overlook accessible design practices, but they represent a fascinating extension of the state of technology today. There are strong practical reasons for making the web accessible, like equal access to productivity and a stronger information architecture. To understand the value of an accessible web, we need to take a look at the specific technologies that make this possible. Continue navigating.

People who are sighted can scan a screen for context. But audio is linear, and requires some parsing out. You can use punctuation like periods, commas, semi-colons and some others to do this, but really its about building up accessible elements on the page for a better experience for all.

So the next time you come across some sketchy html markup, think about the problem from the perspective of a non-sighted user. Consider a stronger information architecture, implementing accessible design practices, and the value of a web built for everyone. . . Thank you for listening, when you are ready, go ahead and turn your screen brightness back up.